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Past Events

Meets NASA Ambassador George Thomas Career Exploration
Elissa Beckham

Astronaut Barbie took her first spacewalk in 1965 and has been shooting for the stars ever since. In Celebration of this career she is off on a new adventure planting a flag for girls everywhere. BMR Expo was excited to pair up with NASA Solar Ambassador George Thomas. Lake Isabella California Public Library February 29, 2020 for an exciting event on Career exploration.

Keep Watch for future Career exploration events by BMR Expo to Pop-up near you

Grand Opening 
April 25th 2021
Madyline Beckham



First Let us thank you for following BMR Expo, showing LOVE and SUPPORT!!! It means the world to us to have you all here encouraging us along the way. 


Our First Event was held at Upstart Village at 201 New Stine Rd Bakersfield California. It is a Lovely venue. They have a beautiful garden area, with lovely restrooms, and a large kitchen. Upstart Village overall is GREAT space for a wedding or shower party.  

The Matrix Entrepreneur Academy was the host of this fantastic Teen BIZ EXPO. Booth space were available to set up in the garden area as well as the front parking lot area. 

We were located out front in the parking lot. The weather was not Bakersfield's  best outdoor event weather, however the show must go on. 

Our BMR Expo Display was looking perfect. I was glad we added the balloon display last minute. It really made the colors POP!!! I loved the Barbie life size cutouts and the added element of interaction with guests was exciting to watch.  

We were very excited for the event and learned many new things. Most of the things we learned were not taught in any entrepreneur class. I really enjoyed the opportunity to host this event at Upstart Village with the Matrix Entrepreneur Academy.  I am making a few changes for our next event from. Learning from each show will continue to make me better. We look forward to positive changes. We hope to see you at our next event until next time, "You Can Be Anything as long as you have  GRIT" Goals, Relationships, Intentions and Tenacity


I'm Mady with BMR Expo and I got GRIT 

Forever 21 Launch Party 
Elissa Beckham

Forever 21 held a launch party on Febuary 6, 2020 where we meet Azusa Barbie as well as became inspired to create BMR Expo. With Barbie you can be Anything. 

Future Events 
coming soon
Madyline Beckham

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