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Barbie Mini Rolling Expo is a Pop-Up Museum. Essentially, the location could be anywhere so long as it is reasonably easy to reach. Just like public art that might be installed in an unconventional setting. Barbie Mini Rolling Expo Pop-Up Museum wants to make a statement as well as reflecting on its surroundings.  Barbie Mini Rolling Expo is here to entertain and inspire.

Before we go any further, it is worth noting exactly what a pop-up museum is and what it is not. Essentially, a pop-up will be set up for a limited period of time in a location where no museum has really operated before.

This is a crucial part of how the excitement is generated that leads to the buzz surrounding a successful pop-up museum. If one can be visited at any time, then there is necessarily less of a social media frenzy, even if one is generated at all. That’s why they need to both pop up and disappear. Barbie Mini Rolling Expo understands the excitement over a changing display and never having the same showcase to continue generating the excitement and drive for visitors. Of course, the setting also affords visitors some Instagram-friendly moments.

Barbie Mini Rolling Expo is novelty, a temporary sense of ‘blink and you will miss it’ and, most importantly of all, the opportunity to harness social experience.

Barbie Mini Rolling Expo knows that social media has become more and more based on the visual as opposed to the written, especially when it comes to documenting cultural experiences.

Barbie Mini Rolling Expo offer something enticing, visually speaking, ideally with that selfie-friendly moment that so many social media goers long for.

Is a Pop-up a real museum?


Any museum or Expo that make visitors feel as if they have experienced something, to wonder, awe over or to entice excitement about can be considered a museum.


Young people today are always eager for opportunities to take great pictures for their Instagram or Tick-Tock feeds.


Barbie Mini Rolling Expo realizes that social media has changed the way people want to present themselves, allowing pop-up museums to embrace this phenomenon with excitement.


Barbie Mini Rolling Expo is very excited to embrace this phenomenon with civic engagement. By working to make a difference in the civic life of our communities and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make a difference. Barbie Mini Rolling Expo will be promoting the quality of life in the community, through innovated play, curiosity and educational opportunities.



BMR Expo is a creation between Mother and Daughter; Elissa Beckham and Madyline Beckham

This personal collections museum is a collection of Barbie dolls that extend pass both ladies. Elissa's mother saved her original Barbie dolls from 1959.  This AMAZING collection has been passed down for the generation to enjoy. The personal collection is extensive and we will thrive to never have the exact same display during each pop up event.  

BMR Expo

A Personal Collections Museum

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